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Dentist Texas

South Texas Dental Helps San Antonio High School Football Players ...

Man says he hit dentist to get prison dental care –

Man says he hit dentist to get prison dental caremySanAntonio.comErie police say Kienholz cornered the dentist while he was treating a juvenile patient, then hit the doctor in the wrist with the tire iron before running away. At the time, police said Kienholz indicated he attacked the dentist because he was angry …and more »

American Dental Associations San Antonio conference economic impact expected to top $21 million (San Antonio Post)

The American Dental Association will be in San Antonio to provide free dental care to about 1,000 adults and children from low-income families. Few people are happy to see a dentist. Thats not the …

Home Page, Continuing Dental Education, The University of Texas ...

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